Bulk Colorful Music Note Pencils

Bulk colorful music note pencils are the most economical giveaway for your next recital, concert, or music event.

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Handing out pencils is a great way to motivate students to practice and reward them for a job well done. The problem is this can get expensive for large classes such as band, orchestra, choir, and elementary general music. Buying larger quantities in bulk is a great way to save money.

Brightly colored in black, white, and neon colors, these writing utensils get noticed! There is a whimsical music note pattern wrapped around the sturdy wooden barrel with an eraser at the end. They have number 2 lead and arrive unsharpened. For music teachers that care about details, the music symbols in the design are correct!

Towards the unsharpened end of the pencil there is a noticeable barcode printed on the design. For those giving these writing instruments as gifts, this may bother you. If so, simply sharpen the pencils before you hand them out. This will save students an extra step and prevent the distracting long lines at the pencil sharpener. They sharpen nicely and write well!

A total of 144 pencils are included in the pack. This may be enough for larger classrooms, multiple music studios, marching band, and summer music camps.

Music students love receiving these rewards. They also make great practice incentives, music game prizes, music theme party favors, and fillers for goodie bags. Consider giving them as gifts on special occasions too, like birthdays, holidays, or to welcome new students into your studio. The bright pink and black pencils will be their favorite.

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Music is a fun and special part of our lives, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Students and teachers alike can be tempted to create and learn music as a chore rather than a rewarding creative experience.

There’s a lot of pressure to perform and perform well, but I believe that music should be fun, and I am always looking for ways to make it better. The goal is to use little gifts like this as a source of motivation and fun for students and teachers alike!

The best way to motivate students to practice is to reward them with something they actually want. These music pencils are a fun and affordable way to show appreciation and motivate students to keep up the good work.

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