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Reading Music Lessons

How loud or soft you play music is represented with dynamic signs. These a symbols that appear as 1 or 2 letters combined together in your music. Each sign represents a musical term in Italian.
You know you’ve found a dotted quarter note when you see a quarter note with a dot beside it. Just as you might suspect, the name itself describes exactly what it looks like. A dotted quarter note is worth 1 1/2 beats total. Let’s go figure it out.
The musical sounds you hear when a music note is played is called pitch. The location of a note on the staff determines how high or low it will be in pitch when you read it.
Music notes are the round or oval-shaped symbols that you find on the music staff. These music notes tell us what sound to play or sing.
How To Learn The Music Staff
The music staff is nothing but horizontal lines that run parallel to each other. The purpose of the music staff is to hold music notes and other music symbols that provide us with valuable information.
Artists use a variety of materials to create a masterpiece. Musicians and composers do the same thing using tone color. Becoming aware of different types of tone color in music will help you understand what you are reading even deeper.