Why Read Music?

Here are a few thoughts about why I think it’s important to learn how to read music. Of course, this is just my opinion based on my own experience and that of many people I have taught throughout the last several years.

Do you need to read music in order to create, enjoy or play music? Absolutely not.

However, just like literacy, if you want the ability to freely enjoy ALL music, then your next steps would be to learn how to read music.

The reason why music started being written down on paper in the first place was to preserve it. With beginning music symbols evolving into standard notation, we now have the ability to keep a record of all kinds of music forever.

While there are many, many benefits to reading music, the biggest one is this…FREEDOM!

Freedom from having to always rely on playing by ear.

Freedom from needing to hear it first before you can play it.

Freedom from needing someone to teach you by rote every single note and rhythm.

Freedom from having to continually watch videos that shows you each step to just play a song.

Freedom from needing to rely on others before you can enjoy more music.

Once you start learning how to read music, the door swings wide open and now you are virtually limitless with endless possibilities.

The vast world of music awaits. Are you going to bring that freedom into your life?

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