Abandonné Musical Term Definition

What does the musical term abandonné mean? Obscure musical terms like this can be tricky to remember.

abandonné musical term definition

Sometimes, when you do research musical vocabulary words, it still may not completely make sense. Some words to do with music can still remain mysterious.

To help you out, the definition and meaning of this sheet music word are listed below. 

Abandonné Musical Term Definition

The musical term definition of abandonné is to play a passage of music freely, passionately, and completely unrestrained. This gives a musician more liberty to play or sing a musical phrase with full emotion and life.

This music expression term tells the performer to not hold back and allow yourself to completely let go. Of course, the tempo may be given more leeway to accommodate. Strict time can be abandoned or halted temporarily.

Musical Terms Dictionary

Keeping a reliable musical terms dictionary on hand is always a good idea. One that I highly recommend is The A to Z of Foreign Musical Terms by Christine Ammer. This excellent music dictionary contains 115 pages of musical words in multiple languages and their meanings. The classical music vocabulary included in this book is collected from over 30,000 music scores.

Wikipedia has a pretty good glossary of music terminology that is free to use. However, if you need to look up different music terms for an assignment or to prepare for an upcoming performance, it is wise to check it with a scholarly source.

Abandonné Music Term

The abandonné music term simply means to perform music without constraint or inhibition. There are no limits or impediments. It is to be truthful and honest with heartfelt emotion, keeping the music alive, fiery, and animated.

Music is meant to be exciting. Using abandonné in your repetoire will help you bring music to life. It is to be fully present, enjoying the creation of something beautiful.

How can you use abandonné in your music? Give some examples in the comments below.

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