Treble Clef Ledger Lines – How To Read Ledger Lines On Treble Clef

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Treble clef ledger line music notes are commonly avoided because they look intimidating. No worries. Learn how to read ledger lines on treble clef easily!

How to Read Ledger Lines on Treble Clef

If you read notes in treble clef, sooner or later you will encounter ledger line notes. 

I know what you’re thinking, avoid them at all costs!  No, you really can learn to read notes in the treble clef ledger lines. 

It takes a little bit of time to adjust, but it is well worth the time and energy.

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The treble clef ledger lines extend above and below the treble clef staff. 

Not all notes can fit on the given five lines and four spaces, so we need to extend the staff in both directions using these little lines.

treble clef ledger lines

It’s pretty simple to figure out what these ledger lines are. All you have to do is identify a note you do know and work your way through the ledger lines using the musical alphabet.

For example, the top line of the staff is F. Now, work up from there using the musical alphabet applying the very next note in the alphabet to the very next line or space. 

In this case, the next note we have is a space note. The next letter in the alphabet is G.  This means the space note above F is G.

Let’s keep going for more practice. The first ledger line is A followed by the space note B. 

The second ledger line is C and the space above that is D. You see, a little bit of problem-solving is all you really need.

Take a look at the bottom line of the staff. The note on that line is E. Now, we are going to work our way backward through the musical alphabet applying it to the very next space. 

The note before E in the alphabet is D.  So, the space below E on the staff is D.

Go ahead and work your way down through the ledger lines. The first ledger line below the staff is then C followed by the space note B. 

The second ledger line is then A with the next space note being G.

Phew! You made it through and it was relatively painless. 

Now you understand why the musical alphabet is so important to remember.  It’s a great tool for problem-solving notes that appear on and off the staff.

Learning the notes on the treble clef ledger lines is not terribly difficult. It looks a lot harder than it really is. 

At first, you will need to keep using this method to figure out the notes. With enough practice, you will be able to identify these notes just as easily as the notes on the staff.

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Thank you!!
This really helped me! See currently I am in eighth grade and sit first chair trumpet( and I’m the only girl who plays the trumpet for concert band). When I started having trouble with the ledger lines I… came to your website. I come here when i’m having problems with any thing.
Thank you:)<3


Hi Haven – So glad to hear you have found some useful things here. Congratulations on being first chair in concert band! (The boys have got a lot of catching up to do!) Don’t be afraid to ask questions too. I am happy to help wherever I can. 🙂

Chris Akaboosi

I love this guide, I have got my exam today and this really helped me! 🙁


found reading notes above and below very easy thanks to you.(Mint). Brian.

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