How To Put The D.C. al Coda Definition Into Practice

Are you looking for the D.C. al Coda Definition? You’ve come to the right place. 

Not only will we define this musical term, but we will also discover how to put it into practice using 4 easy steps.

Are you ready?  Let’s get started!

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Da Capo

D.C. is short for the word Da Capo in the Italian language.  This literally means “from the beginning” in the English language.

Now, you know that at some point you will need to go back to the beginning and repeat.

d.c. al coda definition

…But where do I end?


Coda in Italian means “end or concluding passage”.  This is the final section of your music indicated by a final double bar line at the end.

You will need to skip to this section to end the piece.

Put it into Practice

Here are 4 steps to putting this into practice:

  1. Start at the beginning and play until you see the words D.C. al Coda.
  2. Go back to the beginning and keep playing.
  3. Continue playing until you see the oval shape with a cross in the center.  This is a Coda sign telling you to skip to the Coda section.
  4. Skip to the Coda section and play all the way to the end.

See if you can apply the 4 steps above to this passage:

d.c. al coda definition

Do I Find an “S” Sign?

Nope, that is only for D.S. al Coda, not D.C. al Coda. The letter “C” found after the letter “D” in the D.C. short-hand musical term tells us to always go back to the beginning. 

There is no special sign to find here first before repeating.

To keep from getting confused, pay a quick visit to the D.S. al Coda definition.

More Tips

Make sure to look over your music first before you start playing. If you run into Italian words like these, decide what you will do in order to play completely from beginning to end. 

Mark any necessary places in your music and have confidence that you really do know what you are doing!

I certainly believe that after knowing you have read through this D.C. al Coda definition. You are now on your way to playing music successfully every time! 

Just remember to always look through your music first before playing and apply the 4 steps above.  Good luck!

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    Thank you for these definitions and how to put both ds and dc into practice. This was very helpful as I was completing a song for publication. Marty

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