A Simple Plan for Boosting Your Music Mastery

music masteryThe starting point for deepening your music mastery is by developing a healthy self-image.

This is the core of who you are and it will affect every area of your life.

The ability to learn, grow, and change begins with how you see yourself.

Here’s a few tips on how this can be done:

1. Accept Yourself

You must accept yourself for who you are before you can accept the fact that you deserve success and happiness.

You can try to motivate yourself, set goals, and think positively, but ultimately these things will not work until you accept yourself first.

2. Develop Healthy Self-Acceptance

Healthy self-acceptance is not the super-inflated “I am king of the world” ego.  (We all know a few musicians like that, right?)

Conceit is one of those things that makes everyone else sick except the one that has it.  In fact, anyone with a bad “I” case is suffering from extremely poor self-image

3. Know Your Potential

You don’t need a high education or intelligence in order to have potential.  Everyone has potential.

It’s knowing that you have potential and intentionally putting it to good use that counts.

4. Believe in Yourself

Do you believe that if you work on music with intense focus regularly that you will get better?  I hope so, because it’s true.

If you do believe this, then you are more likely to work on it.

5. Put Challenges in the Right Perspective

Anyone who has achieved anything of significance has faced great challenges along the way.  No one is an exception.

If you believe that you are doing the right kind of work to overcome those obstacles, then you give yourself the opportunity to keep moving forward.

Check Your Thoughts

Zero in on your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.  Don’t let anything or anyone limit you…and that includes yourself.

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