How To Take Charge Of Your Music Practice Motivation

music practice motivationYou finally sit yourself down to practice and it takes you a few minutes before you can decide where to start.  What do you do first?  There are so many things to work on, how do you know where to begin?

The problem with not having some kind of plan in your head before practicing is that you will feel scatterbrained and unable to get started.

Your mind will be so clouded up with random thoughts that the temptation to get up and do something else will be hard to fight.

There goes your practice time and your practice motivation…right out the window with the rest of your sanity.

The Solution: Engrave It On The Brain First

One very unique way to regain your music practice motivation is to take a few minutes every day to engrave a song or skill on the brain before your practice session.

This method is basically watching someone perform what you want to achieve over and over again until you have it memorized.

You are creating a mental blueprint by studying a specific skill or song with such great intensity that it becomes engraved right into the mind.

How To Engrave Something In Your Mind

1.  If you are taking lessons, watch your teacher’s movements very closely.  Ask them to break down each step very slowly while you follow their actions.

Have them describe what they are doing in each step to achieve the desired result.  Keep watching and slowly imitating their actions until you feel it is engraved on the brain.

2.  Listen to your favorite performer play a song you would like to learn.  Pull up YouTube or get out your CD’s or MP3 playing device.  Pick one specific technique you would like to be able to do and listen to each part very closely.

Take a moment to imitate each step in your mind.  Keep listening to this one section over and over again while repeating it mentally until you think it is deeply engraved.

This repeated “listening practice” will build a very strong detailed mental map of the piece you want to play.

The Key to Effective Engraving

The reason why this works so well is because you are creating an intense connection mentally and psychologically to the action you want to do.

Here are some ways to help you get the most out of mental engraving:

1.  Watch and listen to your teacher or favorite performer so closely that you can actually feel the performance in your imagination.

2.  Rehearse it over and over again replacing the performer with yourself.  Keep that deep feeling in your mind and try to intensify it.

Practice It Mentally 15 Minutes A Day

By rehearsing the skill or song mentally every day, your motivation to practice will get a little stronger.  A clear picture of what you want to accomplish is present pulling you to get started.

Your break-down of each step in your mind will provide a nicely laid out blueprint directing every moment of your practice time.

Don’t waste your time “thinking” about what you want to practice today.  Rehearse one specific task or song in your head first and then get started!

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