Best Music Staff Lesson (Basic Music Theory Lesson)

Where to find the best music staff lesson anyone can understand. A basic music theory lesson you don’t want to miss.

In my view, the staff is one of the most important parts of music. I’ve seen many musicians play without knowing that they were actually playing notes on a staff. These players were able to write down sounds, but they didn’t have a clue about how to put those sounds together to form an actual piece of music.

They couldn’t read music. They couldn’t sing. And they couldn’t play.

And yet, they were creating something beautiful.

This is the difference between good artists and great ones.

Great artists understand that the musical staff is the home of written music. They know that sounds (notes) are written on this basic structural framework. They know that the staff holds music notes and other music structures that guide us in reading and writing, singing, and performing music.

Great artists understand how to turn sounds (music notes) into music. They know that the way to make music is to listen carefully to the sounds that come from the human body and mind, and then translate those sounds into precise markings on paper.

Great artists know that the music staff is the foundation upon which the entire art of music rests. Great artists know that the staff represents the building blocks of music.

And they know that they can build whatever they want.

music staff lesson

For example, a trumpet player doesn’t sit there and decide he wants to play a song by himself. He listens to what his fellow musicians are playing, and then decides to add some harmony to what they’re playing.

He doesn’t say, “Oh, I’m going to play a song,” and then go off and practice alone for weeks before anyone else hears him. Instead, he sits down with his colleagues and says, “Hey guys, let me tell you what I’m hearing right now. Let me show you what I’m thinking.”

Then he plays his thoughts for them. Then he sings along with them. Then he improvises. Then he writes down what he improvised. Then he translates his improvisations into the language of written music.

Finally, he shows his friends what he wrote.

And they applaud.

And they ask for more.

And he keeps listening.

And he keeps writing.

And he keeps showing.

And he keeps inspiring others.

And he keeps improving.

And he keeps getting better.

And he keeps transforming.

And he gets better every day.

And he makes everyone around him better.

And he helps everyone reach higher.

And he inspires everyone to be even greater.

And he teaches everyone to be even better.

Because he understands that the staff is the house of written music.

And he understands that the staff contains the building blocks of music – notes, harmony and melody.

And he understands how to build whatever he wants.

Now it’s your turn.

Where to Find the Best Music Staff Lesson

Here’s where you can find the best music staff lesson and cheat sheets. This is the first in a series of basic music theory lessons for beginners that you don’t want to miss. You can read it online for absolutely free.

If you’re short on time, there’s an option to purchase the musical staff PDF lesson and music staff cheat sheet. This is a great choice for those building a music theory binder to use as a study guide or quick reference.

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Now is a great time to brush up on music theory to help you read music easier!

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