Music Theory Cheat Sheets

Use these music theory cheat sheets as a review at a quick glance. Never guess again. Here is a full list.

Music theory cheat sheets are useful when you just need a quick review. Get a 3-ring binder to store them in for studying purposes or keep them in your music folder. Keep them at your fingertips when you need to remember a concept fast.

Use them to ace your next test and show your brilliance during rehearsal. Impress your teacher at your next lesson by showing how much you’ve learned.

music theory cheat sheets

Recommended Music Theory Cheat Sheets

Here is a list of music theory cheat sheets that I own or have created myself. I highly recommend them all for independent study. Use them for yourself or with students if you are a music teacher.

SparkCharts Music Theory and History

This popular music theory and history cheat sheet has five sections. The first section covers music theory and notation. This includes basic music theory notes and symbols such as the staff, clefs, rhythm, time signatures, pitch, scales, key signatures, intervals, harmony, chords, dynamics, articulation, and form.

The second section covers instruments and ensembles. The instruments include strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and keyboards. It also describes small and large ensembles and examples of each. A large diagram shows symphony orchestra instruments and ensemble seating arrangement.

Musical forms and genres are covered in the third section. This includes dance forms, choral styles, and the different parts of instrumental music. Works for large and small ensembles are also mentioned.

The fourth section lists all eras and periods in music history. This includes medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, modern, and contemporary. Each time period highlights important musical developments.

Notable composers are covered in the fifth and final section. They are categorized according to his musical time period. Only the most well-known composers have been included with a brief synopsis of their achievements.

This three-hold punched cheat sheet is handy to keep in your binder or music folder. The trifold design unfolds easily, allowing you to use it as a quick reference with important information on both sides. It is made of heavy paper with a high-gloss finish. A dry-erase marker can be used on it to mark important points with the ability to wipe it off easily later.

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Music Staff Cheat Sheet

This music staff cheat sheet is a one-page PDF that has an easy music theory lesson included. It’s an instant download, so you can print it at home or at a copy shop. This is the first cheat sheet in the basic music theory lesson series. You can read more about this musical staff PDF here.

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