Reading Music Lesson #22: Alto Clef Ledger Lines

This reading music lesson is a supplement to the Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory self-study workbook. While no book is perfect for learning how to read music, this is one of the best available. The concise explanations, brief practice exercises, ear-training CD’s, glossary of music terms, and answer key make it an excellent value. Buy this top-rated self-study course for beginners to advanced musicians and follow along with me.
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The same process we used for the treble clef and bass clef ledger lines will be used once again for the alto clef ledger lines.

Find a note on the alto clef staff that you are already familiar with and move up or down from there using the music alphabet.


Going up through the ledger lines means moving forward in the alphabet.

alto clef ledger lines


Moving down through the ledger lines takes you backwards through the alphabet.

alto clef ledger lines

Coming up next is the ledger lines of the grand staff.  There will be some interesting patterns here you may not want to miss…

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