Music Notes

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Music notes are the round or oval-shaped symbols that you find on the music staff.

They are placed on the lines or in the spaces.

music notes

You will notice that notes can move any direction on the staff.

music notes
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They can move up, down, or appear again in the same space or line.

music notes

Do you remember those numbered lines and spaces?

music notes lines

Well now, we can be more specific about where the note is located on the staff by saying it is on “line 1” or in the third space.

music notes spaces

These music notes tell us what sound to play or sing. That “sound” is called pitch.

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Could you talk about more music theory? I have been having trouble…. 🙁

This is music theory. Please visit the music theory lessons for beginners page to read them all.

That’s a crcarekjack answer to an interesting question

This not a “crackerjack” answer to an interesting question.she is 100% correct. If you are not understanding it ,you really need to go back to the beginning and really comprehend the information. Youre possibly not understanding the definition of music theory. It is all theory,so if you’re having trouble understanding something in particular ,you should specify. This would allow Teresa rose to answer your question. 🙂

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