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Reading Music Lessons

learning note names in music
Reading note names in music is not hard. With this complete guide, you can learn everything you need to know to help you get started reading music.
How loud or soft you play music is represented with dynamic signs. These a symbols that appear as 1 or 2 letters combined together in your music. Each sign represents a musical term in Italian.
You know you’ve found a dotted quarter note when you see a quarter note with a dot beside it. Just as you might suspect, the name itself describes exactly what it looks like. A dotted quarter note is worth 1 1/2 beats total. Let’s go figure it out.
In the last lesson, we introduced the time signature and what each number means. This time, we’re going to look specifically at the 4/4 time signature and put it into action.
When we place the C Clef on the 3rd line of the music staff, we have the alto clef. This means that when we put the center of the C Clef (where the 2 C’s meet) on the third line, that is indicating the note middle C.
The C Clef is a symbol on the music staff that looks like the letter “C”. In fact, that is exactly what it used to be before it turned into a more elaborate design.
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