Reading Music #31: Quarter Rests

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reading music lessonQuarter rests are those crazy little squiggly-looking symbols that are worth 1 beat of silence.

quarter rests

They are the quiet counterpart to quarter notes.

In fact, do you remember the conversation we had in an earlier lesson about the importance of both sound and silence in music?

Well, let’s review it again now that you have learned a few notes and rests.

Notes vs Rests

Every note (sound) in music has a corresponding rest (silence).

They have the same name and they even share the same value (total number of beats or counts).  Review the lesson on note values.

Here’s a quick list:

1) Quarter Note & Quarter Rest

quarter note & rest2) Half Note & Half Rest

half note & rest3) Whole Note & Whole Rest

whole note & rest It’s time to shift gears again and talk about how we organize all these notes and rests to make it easier to read.  That’s coming up in the next lesson!

3 Replies to “Reading Music #31: Quarter Rests”

Thank you so much, Teresa Rose, for your very easy to follow lessons! I am in my 50s and just learning to play the clarinet. I have been having difficulty understanding some very basic elements but I no longer feel so foggy.
Kellie 🙂

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