Treble Clef Line Notes – Reading Music Lesson #10

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09/26/2021 05:06 pm GMT

What are Treble Clef Line Notes?

An easier way to remember music notes is to memorize the treble clef line notes.

In order to do this, we need to use a mnemonic device.

This is a trick we can use to help us recall a long series of letters or note names very quickly.

Treble Clef Line Notes

Here are the 5 line notes on the treble clef:

treble clef line notes

Do you remember how we always start at the bottom of the music staff and work our way up?

We’re going to put that into use right now.

If you start with the bottom line “E” and move up the staff, we can use a few different sayings to help us remember the letter names of each line note in the order they appear.

E – G – B – D – F

Most people are familiar with the “Every-Good-Boy-Does-Fine” mnemonic, but what about some others?



It doesn’t matter which one you use.  Just pick your favorite to memorize and use it as a tool for remembering the treble clef line notes.

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