Reading Music Lesson #24: Finding The Beat

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reading music lessonHow do you find the beat to music?

In the same way that you find the beat of your heart.

If you put your hand on your chest, you will feel a steady pulse.

Now, tap that pulse with the fingers of your other hand on a table.

See you if you can match it steadily.

The Heart of Music

Finding the beat of music is done in the same way.

Play your favorite music and listen deeply for a continuing steady pulse.  This is the “heart” of music.

Now, tap it out with your fingers.  Doing this for very long requires concentration and focus.

If you get distracted, you will notice that you get “off beat” by tapping too slow or too fast instead of matching the beat.

Just keep thinking and practicing this skill until you feel you’ve mastered it without much thought.

If you can talk out loud and still tap a steady beat without a problem, then you’ve got it down.

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