White Foil Printed Music Instruments and Notes Pencils

Teachers, add a little bling to your music class with this bright set of white foil printed music instruments and notes pencils.

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These musical writing utensils have a white background with red, blue, or black foil printed musical instruments and notes. The material is wood and the erasers are white.

The featured instruments include piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, and drums surrounded by cute little eighth notes.

They are manufactured in the United States with high quality American-made materials. Measuring at 7.5 inches in length with #2 lead, this bulk pack of 24 is the perfect amount for a classroom or studio.

These work great as practice incentives and music prizes for students. Add a little bling to your music teacher supplies and keep your students motivated.

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Music teachers, if you are looking for inexpensive music themed prizes, try this simple idea.

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