Piano Treble Clef Notes Chart (Printable)

piano treble clef notes chartNot only does this Piano Treble Clef Notes Chart show you the names of the notes on the treble clef staff.

It also shows you the corresponding keys on the piano.

This is very handy for those wanting to understand music theory a little deeper by seeing the visual of the piano keys or for people learning how to play the piano.

A reference point of middle C has been added for your convenience.

Now you can learn the white keys on the piano and start learning the note names on the staff at the same time!

What Else is Included

  • The notes 2 ledger lines above and below the treble clef staff.
  • A starting note of “A” which is the first note of our music alphabet.

Need a Copy?

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piano treble clef notes chart

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