Music Note Values Chart (Printable)

music note values chartThis Music Note Values Chart shows you the relationship between music notes.

At a quick glance, you can see that…

  • A whole note equals 2 half notes, 4 quarter notes, 8 eighth notes, or 16 sixteenth notes.
  • A half note equals 2 quarter notes, 4 eighth notes, or 8 sixteenth notes.
  • A quarter note equals 2 eighth notes, or 4 sixteenth notes.
  • 2 eighth notes equals 4 sixteenth notes.

If you forget the relationship and value between each of these notes, this chart is handy as a reminder.

Also included

The bottom of the chart tells you…

  1. How many beats each note is worth.
  2. Seeing eighth and sixteenth notes as individual notes vs. in groupings of 2 and 4 notes barred together.
  3. The dot rule for problem solving any note with a dot.

Print Your Own

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music note values chart

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  1. Barbara says

    I found your charts and LOVE THEM!
    I bought all 12 and only copied the first two – I accidently closed the website to download the last TEN!
    Can you please help me?
    I am teaching a class to adults tonight and would love to get these other charts ASAP!!!

  2. Barbara says

    This morning I accidentally exited out of this website after purchasing some music charts. Teresa helped me retrieve what I’d purchased within FIVE MINUTES!!! She also called to make sure I’d received everything I’d ordered!
    Now THIS is how ALL sales transactions should work!
    THANK YOU, TERESA, for your website but more so for your passion for doing what’s right and love of MUSIC!
    You ARE appreciated!
    I will be sharing her website with ALL of my music peers and students!

  3. Lucy says

    Hi Teresa,
    I have a music exam in one day (I know it’s late notice) but I was having trouble remembering the note values! Also, I can’t manage to find the value of two crotchets joined. Could you pleeeease help me!?? I’m in year 7 so try to make it as simple as possable. :) Your help would be really appreciated!
    Thank you,
    Lucy. C

  4. says

    Hi Lucy,
    The 2 crotchets (quarter notes) you see joined together are called quavers (eighth notes). They can be joined together into groups of 2’s or 4’s. Read this article: Also, take a look at this music theory chart: Try also this one: I hope this helps!

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