Music Dynamics Chart (Printable)

music dynamics chartAt a quick glance, you can understand the symbol markings in your music using this Music Dynamics Chart.

This chart tells us:

  1. The symbol for each dynamic marking.
  2. What the official musical term is in the Italian language.
  3. A description of what this means in English.

If you got lost in a sea of p‘s, f‘s, or m-something-or-other’s, this chart will help you get all of that sorted out and back on track easily.

What’s Underneath

If you look below the basic chart, you will also find the symbols diagramming dynamics that state we should get gradually louder or softer.

Many times, it’s hard to remember which one is which.  Hopefully, this will help you keep the two symbols straight in your head and know what they mean.

Want a Copy for Yourself?

Here’s how you can print out a copy for yourself.  Go to the Music Reading Savant Store and click on the Music Dynamics Chart.   Add to cart, purchase, download, print, and enjoy!

music dynamics chart

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  1. S Brown says

    I received a receipt for my payment for the Dynamic Music Chart but there is no link or information on how to download my purchase.

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