How To Practice Your Music Flash Cards

music flash cardsIf you’re having trouble recognizing the notes on the staff, one way of learning them quicker is by using music flash cards.

Here’s what you do:

3 Good Ones In-A-Row For Flash Cards

1) Pick 3-5 cards you want to focus on first.

2) Start trying to name the notes on each card until you get 1 full “good” round with no mistakes.  Make sure you shuffle the cards in between each round.

3) Keep going until you get 3 good rounds of the same flash cards in a row.  If you make a mistake in round one, two, or three, then you must start all over again trying for a good round one, then two, three, etc.

Continue using this process over the next few days.  When you get to a point where you can easily name all notes on the cards for three good ones in-a-row with no problems, then it’s time to add a card.

Repeat until you have all notes learned!

Do you want faster results?

Make this a daily habit over the next several weeks.

Put a check mark on the calendar each time you complete the task.  See how many check marks you can get in-a-row.

Don’t stop until you see excellent results showing up during your practice sessions.

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