Bass Clef Notes Chart (Printable)

bass clef notes chartWhen you look at this Bass Clef Notes Chart, it’s easy to see where each note sits on the bass clef staff and it’s letter name.

The notes featured here extend 2 ledger lines above and below the staff.

What’s More

At the bottom of the chart is a reminder about the music alphabet.  It tells us that…

  1. When we start on “A” and move forward in the alphabet, the pitch sounds higher.
  2. Moving backwards means the pitch will get lower.

Need One?

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bass clef notes chart

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  1. Stephen J. "Steve" Osgood says

    I’m tickled to death that someone has actually jumped into the pool of information about Bass Clef Scales that will allow me to make sense of it for my acoustic bass chart reading problems, you’ve saved the day like Mighty Mouse for me….

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