8 Success Myths We Think Are True

Success MythsDo you really understand that what you do today is going to impact your tomorrow?  Most people don’t.

In fact, a lot of folks have a defective view of success creating a faulty approach to what you do every single day also.

Of course, if you don’t take care of today in an effective way, today will just fall to pieces.

The “Give Up” Syndrome

This is the point at which we all just want to give up.  Why am I wasting my time learning how to read music or practicing anyways?  I don’t seem to be getting anywhere, so why bother?

Let me tell you this.  I have never met a person who truly did not have the ability to learn how to read and play music.  I have only encountered people who “think” they can’t read and play music.

That’s the key right there.  It’s all in how you think.

One main root of the problem is that most of us misunderstand success.  We hold many misconceptions in our head and wonder why we aren’t getting anywhere.

Take a look at a few success myths below and decide which ones might be holding you back:

Success Myth #1 – We Believe It’s Impossible

Here’s a fact, life is hard.  Hopefully, you will agree with me on that.  If not, then it’s because you feel deep-down that life should be easy.

If you believe that life should be easy, then I bet you also think that anything difficult must be impossible.   Not true…

As soon as you start believing that anything difficult must be impossible, then you are on the brink of throwing in the towel for good.

I bet the next thing you start doing is criticizing it.  “Who wants to be successful at reading music anyways?”

Let’s say someone else you consider lower than yourself starts having success with reading music.  Guess what you do?  You REALLY get upset!

That just can’t be possible!  (Or can it?)

Success Myth #2 – We Believe It’s A Big Mystery

If you feel success is out of reach for you, but haven’t totally given up on it yet, then you probably see it as one big mystery.

You start believing that all you have to do is find the magic formula, some kind of short-cut, or hit the easy button and all problems will be solved.

It makes sense doesn’t it?  That’s why we have so many diet books on the best-seller lists.  “If you just do this, you will magically lose 30 pounds in 1 month!”

What is the root cause of the problem here?  It is instant gratification.  We live in a society where “we want what we want and we want it right now.

In other words, we want the rewards of success without paying the price first.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret here.  There is no quick fix, so stop wasting your time trying to chase it.

There is no magic solution to success.

Success Myth #3 – We Believe It Depends On Luck

“Well, he just got plain lucky, that’s all.”  Have you ever thought this?  It’s easy to explain someone else’s success if we just say “He was just in the right place at the right time.  If that happened to be me, I would be successful too.”


This is a complete myth, just like the whole “overnight success” idea.

Your chances of winning the lottery are about 50 million to 1.  Your odds of success due to luck are about the same.

The truth is how much time and effort you put into something will determine your success.

You’re better off just digging in and getting started rather than sitting around hoping for it to happen.

Success Myth #4 – We Believe Success Equals Productivity

This is a big one I get caught up in almost every day.  I feel like if I’m not productive in a day, then it wasn’t a successful day.

Does this mean I can never take a day off?  What about retirement?

Big lie…

Actually, taking a day off could make you even more productive for the following days.  We are not machines, we are human beings.  Our minds do need to be refreshed and renewed.

The simple acts of allowing ourselves to rest, relax, and have a little fun can prove very successful.  It’s something we all need and we will be better for it.

I love working hard and enjoying the fruits of my labor.  However, seeing success as only this is very one-dimensional.

Hard work in and of itself does not always bring success.  I agree that you are more likely to succeed if you work hard, but it does not always mean automatic success.

Having a willingness to work hard is a great attitude and an admirable trait.  But, if that’s all I do, I can really burn out very quickly.

I can be busy doing stuff or practicing for hours on end in a day.  This does not mean that I have accomplished very much.  I may be busy, but not really getting anything done.

This is where you need to learn the art of working smarter not harder.  Take the time to understand how you can learn or do things in a way that is more efficient and less time consuming.

This guide on how to improve your music practice can help you get started.

Success Myth #5 – We Believe An Opportunity Will Bring Us Success

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get a break?  We hear about it.  Why can’t that happen to us?

People who are waiting for their break like to use the words “if only.”  If only I had more time.  If only I had more money.  If only people were nicer to me.  If only I had this certain book, instrument, or equipment.

If only…

Are you an “if only” person?  Here is something you need to know so turn off the T.V. and read this very closely.

People who do nothing more than wait around for an opportunity won’t be ready to capitalize on it if it does happen.

Wouldn’t that be the worst thing that could ever happen to you?  You’ve been sitting around waiting for that break.  It finally happens and now you are not prepared to handle it!

Do you know what that equals?  A lost opportunity…

Unless you do the groundwork to be successful (preparation), any kind of break you receive will rarely change anything.   Unless YOU change, your circumstances will probably not get any better.

Yes, it’s true that an opportunity may help you, but it doesn’t guarantee your success.

Success Myth #6 – We Believe More Power Brings Us Success

Do you associate success with power?  Many times we see people who we assume are successful that took advantage of others to get what they want.

In order to do this, they look for any way they can exploit, manipulate, or have leverage over someone else.

You can’t force your way to success.  It is something that is earned.

You might be able to get away with using and abusing power to get ahead for a while, but much like Saddam Hussein, you will end up failing in the end.

There is no amount of power that can guarantee success.

Success Myth #7 – We Believe Our Connections Will Bring Us Success

Is it really all about who you know?  If so, then you might as well just give up now unless you’re the Queen of Sheba.

What’s the point?  What you know doesn’t really seem to matter!  Or does it?

People who believe it’s who you know that counts and spend their life wishing they were born into the right family.  If only my parents were famous musicians.  There goes the “if only” statements again…

“If I could just meet the right music producer…”


Relationships are a good thing, but meeting the right people does not guarantee your success.  If it did, then the children of every world-class musician would have it made.  They would automatically achieve the same success without lifting a finger.

No one can network their way to success, unless they have something to offer first.

Success Myth #8 – We Believe Recognition Will Bring Us Success

How many awards, degrees, certifications, and mentions in Billboard magazine do you need to have in order to be considered successful?  Do you really want to know the answer to that question?  It’s none, nada, zip, zero…

You can chase recognition all day long, but it does not mean you are really good at what you do.  Sometimes people (and things) can become overhyped and overrated.

If they could really do what everyone claims they could do, then it would be worth noticing.  That probably sums up about half of the music industry right there.  It’s all marketing and not enough working on actual skills.

When you do receive recognition, it does feel pretty good for a while.  But then it wears off and you are not really any happier than you were before and it certainly doesn’t mean you will have a fatter paycheck.

Recognition alone is just not enough…

So, what is it then?

Real Success

Success is real change that is sustainable and happens over time.  It’s a process and a willingness to keep striving.

It’s a strategy put in place and executed regularly.  It’s a willingness to deliberately work in the areas that need it…that even includes our thinking.

Growth is an ongoing thing.  It comes from making decisions and following through on them.

What you do today does matter and it can make or break your success for tomorrow.

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